Recently people have been requesting pencil on paper commissions, so I’ve added the option to the shop. Champagne bottle for scale (and to imply an enviable playboy lifestyle).

This is a drawing I made in the throes of man flu, during a week spent on the floor sharpening pencils and drinking pints of lemon tea. It’s on rough greyish paper, but commissions are all on fine white cartridge, 220gsm.

Martin (Guaizine)
April 2014

Saturday was, I’ve just realised, the 1 year anniversary of the-furrealist. Dan (Pink Mince) and Martin (Guaizine) were in town, so we met up at Hoi Polloi in Shoreditch with Sina Sparrow (BoyCrazyBoy) for a drink and a chat. Really creative and warm guys, lovely. Martin took about a hundred photos of me so I whipped out ol’ beige-page and quickly sketched him with an 0.5mm mechanical HB. He had a foot-long beard until a fortnight ago, if you can believe it.

I cautiously asked Dan what he thought of the typesetting in Pound Shop, expecting a hesitant, “Well, um…” but he was very complimentary and sweet. Praise from Caesar. Have a look at their work on here and instagram.

Sketching, April 2014

My good friend Stuart. When you order a personalised copy of Pound Shop, you get a thumbnail brush pen portrait in the back like this. There are 20 zines left…


September 2013


This nearly made it into Pound Shop #1, but I guess the other guys just wanted it more.

Jason, Nov 2013

A portrait commission from last year. Jason’s a musician, you can tweet him here.

Oh and I joined Twitter. It’s this new thing.

Marc again. Brush pen with a couple of fineliner details. My third commission from this dark horse.

New brush pen arrived yesterday. Experimenting with Marc.

Allen, 2012

by typ0

I got my hair cut this afternoon in Hurwundeki, a South Korean diner/hair salon (yep) near me and remembered this study for a picture I was working on way back, for a triptych called Buzz Cut. It’s going in Pound Shop 2. My hairdresser was dreamy; swarthy with wavy black hair and glasses - he barely said a word and got my hair exactly right. Over the road from the Korean place was a gallery/bookshop called Bökship. Guess what? From today they stock Pound Shop 1.

Pound Shop now available in Foyles CXR

Marc, Oct 2013


This is the second portrait Marc commissioned. He’s part of the competitive bearding scene in the states, where you grow to show and groom your chin to win. He and his friends have been hugely supportive of my work; lovely guys with jawbreaking facial furniture.


thelastofthewine asked:

Excellent artistry of the beard ... sorry about the break up with your Berlin man ... good luck for 2014. greetings from London. cheers


Ha that was 2 years and many men ago =}D~

Some very impressive beards on your tumblr, keep it up buttercup